Transgender or Renaming Ceremony

by Steve Pritchard-Jones

You may consider a Naming Ceremony an alternative to a religious ceremony for babies or children to welcome them into the family and to celebrate their chosen name. However, a naming ceremony is for people of any age who wish to present themselves to their family and friends with a new name and new identity. In this blog I will address the transgender and renaming ceremonies.


A transgender or renaming ceremony is a beautiful way to tell the most important people in your life that you wish to be known by your new chosen name and preferred pronoun.

A transgender naming ceremony marks an important milestone in your life so why not shout from the rooftops to let your family, friends and colleagues know you’re leaving behind the old and looking forward to a more realistic and comfortable future.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have a transgender Naming Ceremony or Renaming Ceremony?

Changing your name can be one of the most meaningful milestones for any trans person in articulating the person you are. The changing of a name acknowledges your journey of discovery and represents a new beginning. A renaming or trans naming ceremony offers a person a life moment for reflection of their life so far and who they have become. So why wouldn’t you mark this moment with a meaningful personalised ceremony written with only you at its heart.

Why have a transgender ceremony?

You can hold these ceremonies as a rite of passage. A moment to say to your family, friends and colleagues this is who I am; a moment to share this new milestone in your life. You can honour your whole self, both past, present and future. It’s an opportunity for you to offer thanks to family and friends who have supported and guided you along the path and allow them to share your hopes and dreams of the future.
How can I personalise a transgender ceremony?

You can personalise your ceremony with readings, music, or personal touches that could include exchanging gifts, signing certificates, or even creating a wonderful memento such as a time capsule or memory book family and friends can write wishes in. You can also include a religious element if this is important to you as an individual. You can include special rituals such as the sand ceremony or the beautiful unity candle ceremony. For more information about the variety of special rituals available to you, visit my blog www.pjtopnote.co.uk/blog/

Every trans journey is different and therefore every ceremony is different because it reflects your personal story.

Where can I have a transgender naming ceremony?

A transgender naming ceremony can take place anywhere. Do you have a favourite location? The worlds your oyster, although, in some cases you may require permission.

Here are a few helpful hints if you are considering a public place:

• Do you need permission?
• How accessible is the space?
• Will parents with small children in prams and anyone with mobility problems be able to get to it easily?
• Parking arrangements?
• What facilities are available and how close are they?
• Are there any toilets?
• Is there seating?
• What if it rains or the venue becomes unavailable which can
happen with parks and other public spaces? What is ‘Plan B’?
• How crowded is the area likely to be and how noisy?
• Are there hazards in the vicinity – busy roads, unfenced ponds
or water features?
• Where will family and friends stand or do you need chairs?
• Where will parents and guide parents stand?
• Is there shade?
• Will everyone be able to see what’s going on, and will you
and your celebrant) be able to see the guests?
• Where you will position the table? You’ll need a table to sign
certificates and to hold any ceremonial or ritual objects

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Steve Pritchard-Jones

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