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by Steve Pritchard-Jones

Music is one of the important and beautiful things at your special day. It will portray you as a couple and help you to create a beautiful, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere. Deciding the music playlist can be enjoyable and exciting and will play an important part of your wedding planning, so enjoy it!

In some circles, music is regarded as not important or necessary and couples leave all the decisions to the wedding planner or DJ. However, because music helps to add that extra special touch to your wedding, it’s important that the music is appropriate and personal to you, your family, and your friends.

Here are some helpful hints and tips

  • It’s crucial to remember that your chosen music should not cater for one age group. 
  • Choose songs that are not offensive. 
  • Make your music requirements very clear to your live band or DJ.
  • Don’t have too much variety in tempo (speed) and style of music because this will spoil the flow of day and evening. 
  • Add your personal touch to your playlist request. It will display your personalities and help to convey your love for each other, your family and friends through the wonderful medium of music.

Your choice of music reflects your taste as a couple and is a great way to put your own stamp on one of the most important days of your lives. Aside from that, good music can also help you both wow your guests with your amazing Alesha Dixon or Anton Du Beke dance moves.

Live music can bring emotion and energy to a wedding ceremony. If you want your special day to have a certain feel to it, finding the right musician or musicians can create the perfect atmosphere and make your day that extra special for you both, and your friends and family.

A musical ensemble can bring a certain level of elegance and sophistication to your wedding, especially to the ceremony, pre or after ceremony drinks, or during the wedding breakfast. Depending on your tastes, a live band can bring energy to the dance floor at your after wedding reception. This is because people not only love listening to live music, they also like feeling and seeing performers perform. It turns the whole experience into a joy for many senses, not just your ears.

It’s important to remember that musicians are real people and the beauty of live music is musicians never play the same piece of music exacelt the same as the last time; there is going to be subtle differences in every individual performance. So bear this in mind, when you have your first dance together as a married couple, it will be to a unique performance with its own unique style and sound rather than to a recorded track that sounds the same every time.

Every ensemble has its own unique style and sound that they add to their performance. These elements combined, make any song played totally unique to your wedding and will create a long lasting memory for you and your friends and family.

I’ve heard it be said that there’s not enough variety with live bands, this is not true. A good band can adjust their style to suit the mood and the occasion. I’ve also had it said to me that live music is too loud, especially for an elegant wedding ceremony. Remember, good musicians are very flexible and proficient at controlling the volume of their performance to suit the venue and audience.  

Your wedding is going to involve friends and family from all walks of life and of all ages. Apart from alcohol, music helps break down social barriers among guests and makes them relax and loosen up. Mingling with people without the sound of background music can be rather dull and rather awkward for some people. 

Ceilidh dancing also brings perfect strangers together. It helps your guests meet new people without having to go through the awkward phase. With ceilidh dances, you’ll be swapping partners all the time and this helps to break down barriers and its fun! Your guests will soon be exchanging smiles and small talk with the people they’ve possibility only ever met a couple of times, if at all. 

An ensemble will bring that special, memorable element to the wedding; lets be honest, this is what most couples want. In the years to come, think about how you will feel every time you hear a piece of music that the live ensemble performed during your wedding ceremony or party. No matter where you are, it will remind you of your wedding day and you will both enjoy a special moment remembering just how wonderful it was. 




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