Can I be legally married by a life celebrant and why have a celebrant wedding?

To be legally married in England and Wales, you must sign the marriage license in front of a Registrar or an ordained minister, however, you don’t legally have to have your wedding ceremony performed by them. The exciting bits such as the exchange of rings and vows are purely ceremonial and not a legal requirement, this can be done at your wedding ceremony. 

A wedding service led by a Registrar is usually over pretty quick with a set time limit, limited content and a short set script and not personalised. Your registrar ceremony must not include anything related to religion, information about you as a couple, or the journey to your wedding day. The ceremony will not include any special rituals which can make your wedding day extra special.

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Special Ritual Options

There are many things associated with traditional weddings that everyone knows about and include without even having to think about it. For example, wedding flowers, wedding dress and veil, top hat and tails, bridesmaid dresses, exchange of vows, kiss the bride etc. Some of these wedding traditions date back centuries but many other elements can be included in a wedding officiated by a celebrant.

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