What is a commitment ceremony?

A commitment ceremony allows a couple to make a commitment to one another without legal rights or responsibilities. You can exchange vows, exchange rings and kiss each other to express your love for one another.  How you choose to express your commitment to your partner is a personal choice and for some couples in modern times, a legal wedding might not be right for them. As a couple, you may not want to enter a legal civil partnership and a commitment ceremony could be for you if you’d like to express your commitment to your partner.

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Why book a Wedding Pianist

There are so many types of music that can be translated for piano even if they were originally composed for a completely different instrument or ensemble. How many people would have the main theme from films such as Star Wars or Mission Impossible played on the piano as the bride or groom, walks down the aisle? Believe me, it’s been done!
If you are looking to book a wedding pianist for your wedding day, Steve has over 30 years’ experience performing for weddings and civic functions and will play the music you love for your wedding ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast.

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What should I look for when choosing a wedding Celebrant?

he fantastic thing about having a wedding Celebrant is that you get to choose the perfect celebrant. The Celebrant Directory Top Note Ceremonies ‘at your service’ – Celebrant – The Celebrant Directory is a good starting point.

Remember – your wedding, your way!

How do I choose my celebrant?

There are a several things to think about before booking your celebrant.

You should feel comfortable and confident that your celebrant will give you what you want. They will all have different styles – some will be more humorous, others more serious, while many will opt for a symbolic approach to their ceremonies – and it’s important that you find a style that works for you both.

You need to connect with your Celebrant; after all, you’re putting a lot of trust in them! Whatever their style, you need to feel confident that they will deliver a ceremony that fits in with your dream.

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Can I be legally married by a life celebrant and why have a celebrant wedding?

To be legally married in England and Wales, you must sign the marriage license in front of a Registrar or an ordained minister, however, you don’t legally have to have your wedding ceremony performed by them. The exciting bits such as the exchange of rings and vows are purely ceremonial and not a legal requirement, this can be done at your wedding ceremony. 

A wedding service led by a Registrar is usually over pretty quick with a set time limit, limited content and a short set script and not personalised. Your registrar ceremony must not include anything related to religion, information about you as a couple, or the journey to your wedding day. The ceremony will not include any special rituals which can make your wedding day extra special.

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Commitment Ceremony

History and Meaning of a Commitment Ceremony Commitment ceremonies have long been used as an alternative to a wedding ceremony and these types of ceremonies and informal unions have been happening for hundreds of years, mainly due to same-sex couples being forbidden to marry by many religions or just being frowned upon by certain cultures.…

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Renewal of Wedding Vows

RENEWAL OF WEDDING VOWS Frequently asked questions What does a vow renewal ceremony entail? A vow renewal ceremony is very similar to a traditional wedding ceremony. The couple will enter through a short processional, exchange vows, before continuing on to the celebrations. Some couples may wish to include rituals, readings etc. The ceremony may, or…

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