Baby Naming

The birth of a child is a time of happiness and celebration for the parents, and the majority of parents want to share that joy with their family and friends.

In modern times, many parents do not necessarily want a traditional religious

christening, either because they do not hold any religious beliefs or because they may want their child to be able to choose their own beliefs later in life.

A celebrant led baby naming ceremony offers a meaningful and beautiful alternative, giving parents the chance to welcome their child and confirm their commitments and love to their child surrounded by their family and friends.

As a celebrant I’m asked to conduct ceremonies for married couples, unmarried parents, single parents, adoptive parents, parents who are of different religions and cultures, and same sex parents.

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What is a Naming Ceremony?

Naming ceremonies are generally non-religious but religious elements can be included. The ceremony allows parents and individuals the opportunity to gather with family and friends to welcome a new family member or to celebrate a change of lifestyle or name change.

As there’s no legal aspect to this type of ceremony, the ceremony can be held wherever you like, as long you have the necessary permission.

Ceremonies can be combined with beautiful symbolic rituals that have meaning to the family, these include tree planting, scattering of flower seeds, the sand ceremony, unity candle lighting, plus many more. See my ‘Rituals’ blog to find out more. A Naming ceremony is based on the idea of a welcome. Its purpose is to celebrate new life or in the context of a family, to welcome a new relationship with the person it concerns, or to celebrate a new addition to the family. A ceremony is constructed and officiated to ‘name’ or ‘welcome’ the new life and for the family to share their aspirations for the child’s future.

There is also no reason why a naming ceremony cannot be conducted for a newborn/young child or for a child being welcomed into the family through adoption for example. It is a wonderful opportunity to share the love for the change in family circumstances with family and friends

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Baby Naming & Adoption Welcoming Blog

Naming and Adoption Welcoming ceremonies are a popular choice for families in the UK who want to formally welcome and celebrate a new family member whether through birth or adoption without making a commitment to any particular religion. A naming or adoption welcoming ceremony will offer a beautiful opportunity to welcome a new family member into your loving family and signify your union as a family together.

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